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What does the modern consumer do before choosing anything?

They Browse Websites Brands Products
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Graphic Design for brands with ambition and imagination

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Give your brand the ability to fly above and beyond the competition with high quality brand design and graphic design.

We’ve seen it time and time again, locally and nationally: businesses which have a great product or service, but the brand identity does not match up with the quality of said product or service. Logos and branding can lead the consumer to expect less or differently to what is actually going to be delivered. Indeed, first impressions do matter.

Eyebrowse© is committed to creating long-lasting brands which are fit for purpose, entirely bespoke and expertly crafted to your business and market.

Whether you are a long-standing market leader or fresh to the party, Eyebrowse© cannot wait to work with you on your next graphic design project.

Below you can find the reasons we think you should get in touch and achieve a stronger visual presence.

How Eyebrowse© can elevate your brand

Graphic Design work tends to fall within one of these four main categories featured here.
If you need help or would like a package catered to several services, please get in touch.

Logo and Brand Design

The core of any business, charity or solopreneur, your brand is the way you are portrayed to any stakeholder. From business cards to billboards, Instagram stories to tote bags on Tiktok, your logo is your profile picture for the entire world to see. This goes way beyond a logo however, it includes your fonts, colour palette, tone of voice, materials and even the style of your images. Let's elevate your brand.

Social Media Design

Social media design has become essential for brand growth. Whether is it simply providing an update to customers on opening times, or illustrating how a customisation service works: you can inform, entertain and enrich your customers experience with your brand through social media platforms. Eyebrowse can design for Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest or even for Spotify (hey, musicians). Ping us a DM!

Poster and Print Design

Though print has made way for a lot of digital media, it is still essential in many cases and a fail-safe way of showing off your brand. Print works perfectly for things like wayfinding for a festival site, or showing off 2-4-1 on cocktails, or simply passing on your details instantly using a business card. Eyebrowse can provide both design and print services delivered to you. We love print work and we always will.

Packaging Design

Packaging has become a really important method of enhancing brands beyond the digital space. Packaging design can take the form of useful, easy and sustainable marketing, or it can be embellished for an up-market feel. Ultimately, it is whatever works best for your customers. Eyebrowse can design packaging for any situation, for shops or delivery services alike. Get in touch with your requirements.

Eyebrowse© can also help you with the following services:

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Record Cover Sleeve Design for Pylon Poets Alternative Rock

Why Graphic Design is so Important for your business

Here are a few reasons why you might want to work with a design studio (hopefully Eyebrowse©) on some graphic design to enhance your brand’s offering.

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It’s undeniable that branding sells products and services. From the Nike Swoosh to the red and white of Campbells’ soup made famous by Andy Warhol, your brand identity needs to illustrate why you are the best choice in your market sector.

Whether it is displaying your services (like we are here!), creating layouts for a monthly magazine or crafting a logo, design can ultimately make this information easier to digest and more exciting for your customers.

Often design assets will need to translate from digital to physical mediums, or from social to website assets. These different designs need to be set up correctly, like the amount of dots-per-inch the artwork has for print, or pixels-per-inch on screen. By hiring a designer to do this for you, the brand can achieve consistency throughout these channels.

There also might be a more exciting way of displaying the asset by utilising the material that your designer is working towards. For example, your website might have a two-tone theme throughout, but in print you might be able to achieve this in spot-UV printing or debossing for a 3D effect.

Often Graphic Designers are approached to make a layout more interesting, like a recipe book for example. Many clients of ours have made good profits, if not complete cash-cow products from digital assets that we have created for them. If your brand has a loyal following, why not create some edgy t-shirts your customers would be proud to wear? If you’re a record label or independent band, we would love to design your next record cover!

As businesses grow, the brand architecture might develop to diversify and specialise parts of the business. Whether the brand’s visual language stays related like a sub-brand/endorsed brand or completely changes like a ‘house of brands’, employing a design studio to make sense of this visual jigsaw is a great way of creating a consistent level of quality across the entire company.

When a good, qualified designer has studied a design degree at undergraduate or postgraduate level, they will have trained in design-thinking. There are many visual and theoretical models which encourage this idea of function over form and vice versa, which can be manipulated based on the circumstance you are facing. A good designer will be able to offer a helpful, different perspective providing the ‘pain-point’ or problem you are looking to solve is communicated well in the brief.

Excited about what graphic design can do for you?
Eyebrowse© always is. Drop us a line!

The Design Process

In summary

If you’re new to working with a design studio, you might find the design process daunting at first. That’s why we’ve compiled a visual process here for you in the comforting form of several classic cartoons, just for fun.

Should you have any questions or would like a template brief to work from, please get in touch.


Say hello to Eyebrowse! This will be the start of a great relationship making epic stuff.

Briefing and Ideas

We will take a detailed brief from you. Ideas begin to happen here. If you need a template brief please just ask!

Design work begins

Creating the work begins here, we will let you know the preview date you will have your concept(s). Please bear with us as all work is bespoke.

Review and Amendments

You have the opportunity to make any amendments. You have a set amount of changes included, if not by hour.

Celebrate & Publish

Congrats, you've made some creative, bespoke work for your brand or product! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Now that you have had an overview, let’s get acquainted and make some great work together.