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Social Media Design Packages in London, Bristol, Devon and the rest of Southern England

There is not only a want but a need for most businesses to have a social presence of some description. Enhance the look of yours with a social media design package. By having your social graphics designed by one designer, you can ensure that a consistent and professional look is achieved across all platforms. Eyebrowse© can design for all social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more.

Eyebrowse© has been designing social media images, digital cookbooks and assets for Happy Skin Kitchen since 2018, to which the account now has a total of 381,000 followers and counting.

There are many places which require design across a social platform. It might be the cover photo of your Facebook page, or perhaps a seamless carousel for Instagram, like the one here? Whatever you need designed for social media, rest assured that we can make it look as good as possible. Enquire about one of the Eyebrowse© Social Media Design Packages for more info and a quote!

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Seamless Carousels for Instagram & Tiktok? No Problem!

Advertise and inform with social carousel designs which flow from slide to slide

Instagram and Tiktok’s carousel feature is being utilised by many brands as a platform to provide more information about their services, products, updates and standpoints. 

By creating seamless ‘sliced’ images, carousels flow from one slide to the next in a smooth and satisfying way which lets the customer know there is more valuable content beyond the first slide.

Get in contact today to find out how Eyebrowse© can craft you a social carousel for your business!