Improving marketing assets is crucial for businesses of any size to effectively reach and engage their target audience. Without the right brand identity in place, customers can be led to poor expectations, or not pursue the product or service at all.

Get a free brand audit to find out how you can maximise your marketing potential through the power of design.

Logo Design for the Unmasked Ball Torre Abbey Torquay

What Will I Get Out Of a Brand Identity Audit?

Firstly, the purpose of a brand audit is never to offer an unnecessary opinion. From the audit, you will gain insights about your brand from a professional Designer’s point-of-view, and is intended as constructive feedback for you to take away with you. Do as you will with the feedback, I won’t be offended!

You will learn:

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Well-made Logos & brand identities are essential to a thriving business

Key statistics show that a professionally-made, bespoke logo design not only maximises first-impressions for new customers, it drives authenticity and loyalty

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