Unlocked Boat Parties

A Series of Promotional Posters for the Unlocked Boat Party Series. The events were hosted by Shot By Rob as a reactive music event in response to the UK lifting it’s lockdown laws during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Set of Boat Parties Posters Graphic Design
Unlocked Boat Party Logo Torquay Animated GIF
Graphic Poster Design for Unlocked Boat Parties DJ Max Corderoy

Blown Away by the Design

Unique palette and Brand Identity design for epic events

When approached about the project, it was thrilling to see light at the end of the tunnel from the darkness of the pandemic. Eyebrowse endeavoured to create an exciting but elegant brand identity to tie the series of boat party events together.

Unlocked boat Party Poster Design Torquay and Torbay
Fancy Collaborating?

Illustrated Poster Designs for events

A combination of beautiful graphics and illustration created this series of branded posters. The typefaces were carefully selected to make use of the space whilst having the ‘keyhole sunset’ as the centrepiece of the concept.